In-line flaw detector a nominal

diameter 219 mm EasyPig219


In-line flaw detectors (ILFD) EasyPig TM  are in-line inspection tools based on MFL (magnetic flux leakage) technology designed to detect critical defects and features in steel pipelines of smaller diameters, including illegal tapping.

EasyPigTM   Advantages


1.  Low inspection costs due to removal of excessive inspection information, allowing to include in-line inspection using EasyPigTM into routine pipeline cleaning operations

2.  Design allowing to inspect pipelines unpiggable for traditional in-line inspection tools

3.  Brushless design

4.  Pipeline condition monitoring including provision of information on illegal tapping locations

5.  Short term data analysis and report preparation (less than 40 days)




Inspected pipelines.


1.  The following steel pipelines are subject to inspection:

2.  Upstream lines of oil field systems and pressure maintenance lines,

3.  Product pipelines,

4.  In-field and distribution gas pipelines

In-line inspection using EasyPigTM can be performed during routine regular pipeline cleaning.


EasyPig   Specifications

1. Available sizes, mm (inch) 219 (8”)

2. Detection of  “pitting corrosion” defect with POI of 90% Length 25 mm, Width 25 mm, Depth 50%

3. Detection of  “general corrosion” defect with POI of 90% Length 50 mm, Width 50 mm, Depth 40%

4. Defect location accuracy 1 m from the nearest reference point

5. МAOP (Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure) 10 MPa

6. Medium temperature from +5 up to + 80⁰С

7. Tool’s velocity from 0,1 up to 4 m/s

8. Maximum inspected pipeline length using standard batteries 10 km

9. Outside diameter Dn, mm (inch) 219

10. Types of pipe ERW and seamless

11. Transpoted products 1-3 phase liquids

12. Pressure, MPa 1,5 – 10 

13. Nominal pipe wall thickness, 8 mm

14. Minimum pipeline bore at general bore reduction having length less than 2Dn 85% of Dn

15. Minimum bend radius at 90о EasyPig 219 - 1,5D





We offer EasyPigTM  in-line flaw detector.

1.  EasyPigTM is available for rent. Data interpretation shall be performed and Inspection report prepared by INTRON VTD specialists EasyPigTM is available for rent.

2.  Your personnel shall be trained for data interpretation and preparation of Inspection report by INTRON VTD specialists.

3.  INTRON VTD shall perform inspection using EasyPigTM , data interpretation and inspection report.