Rent projectile EasyPay ™. The interpretation of data and preparation of reports on the inspection carried out by experts of "INTRON VTD."

Rent projectile EasyPig ™. The staff is trained tenant data interpretation and reporting.

Work on the survey using projectile EasyPig ™, the interpretation of data and preparation of the report carries the staff of "INTRON VTD."

Purchase projectile EasyPig ™ in the property, and staff training.
Diagnosed pipelines
Flowlines and oil gathering systems PPD
Products Pipeline
Fishing and distribution pipelines
Pigging using EasyPig ™ performed during scheduled periodic work on cleaning the pipeline.

Surveyed pipelines
1. By the use of: conveying the liquid - oil, water, petroleum products, including gasoline, diesel fuel, etc.
2. Materials used: Ferro-magnetic, stainless steel, polyethylene.
3. With and without a protective insulation coating.
4. Nominal size - 114 to 219 mm (4 "- 8")
5. Max. length of pipe inspected - 20 km
6. The nominal wall thickness - from 4 to 20 mm
7. Max. The thickness of the protective coating - 1 mm.